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Picture of two East Penn brand car batteries on a black background with red and orange light flares

AGM Batteries

East Penn manufactures an extensive line of absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries for starting, dual purpose and deep cycle applications. They can be substituted for almost any flooded battery application and are recommended for demanding cycling or extended power draws.

The electrolyte in AGM batteries is absorbed in fibreglass matting wrapped around the battery’s positive plates. The fibreglass matting helps protect the plates from extended cycling, optimizes power flow and provides longer service life than flooded batteries in comparable applications.

The non-gassing nature of AGM batteries enables them to be used in controlled environments and around sensitive electronics. Their spill-proof properties, even when punctured, significantly reduce the risk of injury to people and equipment if an accident occurs.

AGM batteries have become popular among OEMs for automotive and commercial vehicles due to the growing electrical demands being placed on vehicle electrical systems.

East Penn AGM Batteries

Picture of small silver single East Penn brand premium AGM battery

East Penn's extensive research into AGM technology has led to the development of several exclusive design features that deliver superior performance and life compared to other battery manufacturers.

Key features:

  • Pressure relief valves, critical to battery performance, are manufactured on site, UL-recognized and 100% quality tested
  • Heavy-duty optimized power grids provide maximum durability in demanding cycling applications
  • Exclusive AGM electrolyte filling process and premium glass mat separators ensure an even electrolyte saturation for optimal power flow
  • Exclusive formation processes ensure consistent quality and performance
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Starting and Cycling Batteries

Picture of East Penn brand premium AGM battery

Premium maintenance-free starting and cycle service power for vehicles with intense electrical power demands, such as start-stop systems, GPS systems, USB charging ports, security and climate control systems, lift gates, winches and other high-powered vehicle accessories.

Deep Cycle Batteries

Picture of big silver single East Penn brand premium AGM battery and HRC

Premium power for cycling and standby applications, with the quickest power delivery and fastest recharges. Excels in high-current and high-power applications, as well as in colder temperatures.

Heat-Resistant Batteries

Picture of Heat-Resistant Batteries

Proprietary thermal protection technologies dramatically extend service life in commercial vehicle applications and uncontrolled (i.e. outdoor) UPS standby applications.

AUX Batteries

Picture of AUX battery

Designed to deliver dependable auxiliary power to support critical vehicle functions. All cells are individually vented to ensure unquestionable reliability while maximizing cycling performance.

Deka ETX Power Sports Batteries

Picture of DEKA sports power

Premium maintenance-free design with plug-and-play convenience. Innovative terminal design enables more coverage with less inventory. Built to withstand challenging off-road terrain and wave-pounding wear and tear. Lower self-discharge rates enable longer off-season storage.

Consumer-Activated Batteries

Picture Consumer-Activated Batteries

Value-priced quality and performance. Comes with a one-push acid-filling bottle. Exact volume acid-filling system is simple and safe. (Product imported from Taiwan.)

Small Sealed Batteries

Picture of Small Sealed Battery

Suitable for a variety of UPS applications, including emergency lighting, fire and security systems, alarm systems, medical equipment and renewable energy. Maintenance-free, factory sealed and charged to deliver 100% capacity on the first cycle. (Product imported from Vietnam.)