AGM technology

AGM is an acronym for absorbed glass mat.  The battery’s electrolyte is fully absorbed in a diaper-like material of matted glass fibres.

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AGM Technology

AGM batteries can be substituted in virtually any lead battery application (in conjunction with well-regulated charging).  They are a type of valve regulated lead (VRLA) battery, which uses a one way pressure relief valve system to achieve a “recombinant technology” that never needs watering and should never be opened.

close up of absorbed glass mat technology

What is AGM Technology?:

AGM is an acronym for absorbed glass mat.  The battery’s electrolyte is fully absorbed in a matted glass fibres, creating a spill-proof, leak-proof battery design that doesn’t leak acid like flooded batteries will if tipped on their side.  The glass fibres also enable a lower electrical resistance, which optimizes current flow plates for a more efficient transfer of power.

The glass mats in AGM batteries are wrapped around the positive battery plates, which helps prevent damage from vibration and extend cycling. The battery’s plates are packed tightly in the case partitions, providing further vibration protection. AGM battery designs can have over twice the cycle life of a conventional flooded product in the right application. They also offer many times the vibration resistance of conventional flooded batteries.


Advantages Over Regular Flooded Batteries:

close up of absorbed glass mat technolgy with terminal
  • Higher tolerance against damage from deep discharge. (Optimized amounts of electrolyte (which is also referred to as “acid-starved”) allows the battery to use the power in the acid before the power in the plates. This minimizes the destructive nature of ultra-deep discharges. Ultra-deep discharging is what causes plate shedding, which can destroy a battery).
  • Longer service life with superior cycling capability.
  • Superior performance in high current, high power applications, and in extremely cold environments.
  • Superior vibration resistance.
  • Superior protection against plate damage from extended power draws.
  • Lower internal resistance for quicker power flows and faster recharge rates.
  • Slower self-discharge rates for better off-season storage.
  • Safer operation from spill-proof, leak-proof design which protects people and equipment, and enables installation in virtually any position (upside down installation is not recommended).
  • Maintenance free, never-add-water design.



Applications For AGM Are Many:

Dual Purpose Starting/Cycling Applications

  • Automotive vehicles with multiple accessory draws and/or severe service demands (taxi cabs, police, ambulance and other emergency vehicles), off-road vehicles, high-amp stereo systems, hydraulic lift kits and other high powered vehicle accessories.
  • Class 8 commercial trucks with auxiliary equipment such as heating & cooling systems.
  • Marine starting.
  • Power Sports – motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, personal water-sports.
power surge agm power automotive battery

Deep Cycle, Deep Discharge

  • Commercial deep cycle applications.
  • Floor scrubbers.
  • Golf Cart/electric vehicles.
  • Marine trolling, sail boats.
  • Marine & RV heavy duty house power.
  • Personnel carriers.
  • Portable power.
  • Village power.
  • Wheelchairs/Scooters.
power surge agm power commercial battery

Standby and Emergency Backup Applications

  • Cable TV.
  • Computer backup.
  • Emergency lighting.
  • Renewable energy (solar, wind).
  • Telecommunications equipment.
  • UPS (uninterrupted power systems) requirements.
unigy hr monobloc battery

Why East Penn AGM Technology?:

Extensive research and development of AGM technology has allowed our company to incorporate several key design features that collectively create a superior product which provides highly efficient energy storage and power delivery solutions across a variety of platforms.


    One way, pressure relief valves maintain correct internal pressure for optimum performance – valves are UL recognized and 100% tested.


    Ultra-premium glass mat separators prevent uneven electrolyte saturation and acid stratification, while providing lower electrical resistance for optimized power flow.


    Exclusive AGM electrolyte and filling process uses high purity sulfuric acid and pure, demineralized and deionized water to eliminate contaminants that compromise performance.


    Heavy duty grids are designed for maximum durability in demanding deep cycle applications.

AGM vs. GEL - Which is Better?:

A Gel battery is better suited for super-deep discharge applications, which means it can withstand deeper discharges without damaging the battery’s performance. However, due to the physical properties of the gelled electrolyte, Gel battery power declines faster than an AGM battery as the temperature drops below 32ºF (0ºC). AGM batteries excel for high current, high power applications and in extremely cold environments.  AGM batteries deliver a better dual purpose solution for a combination of starting and accessory power.



power surge agm power automotive battery
power surge gel power marine battery
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