East Penn Canada is fully licensed for the pick-up and transportation of spent lead batteries. You can rest assured that no used battery picked up by any of our authorized company vehicles will ever end up in a land fill site.

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Our highly efficient smelting facility provides lead required in the manufacture of our products, but its benefits don’t end there. East Penn engineers designed the smelter not only to minimize emissions and to be fully compliant with Environmental Protection Agency, but also to maximize the use of by-products from the smelting process.

East Penn Manufacturing's computer-controlled, closed-loop system, co- located with our manufacturing facilities, recycles virtually 100% of each spent battery received for processing.

Our EPA-approved lead smelter & refinery recycles an average of 30,000 batteries per day, or 17 million batteries per year.

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Company product logos: Pow-R-Surge - Deka - Unigy

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