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Passenger Car & Light Truck Batteries

Power for the Road Ahead

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East Penn has one of the most complete lines of North American (BCI) and European (DIN) batteries in today's market, with sizes to fit all makes, models and budgets.

Manufactured using state-of-the-art, maintenance-free technology with special features and precision-focused manufacturing processes that deliver long life and high performance.

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Premium AGM Performance Batteries

Picture of East Penn brand Premium AGM battery

Premium starting and cycling service. Engineered for intense electrical demands, such as stop/start systems, heated seats/mirrors and steering wheels, GPS/stereo/DVD systems, USB chargers as well as lift gates and other high-powered vehicle accessories.

Key Features:

  • Longer life, better performance
  • Superior cold weather starting
  • Superior vibration resistance
  • Spill-proof and virtually non-gassing

Flooded Batteries

Picture of single East Penn brand premium car starting batteries

Maximum cranking amps per pound of battery with a calcium-grid construction.

Key Features:

  • Calcium-grid construction delivers dependable starting power and long life
  • Flush cover facilitates easy OE replacement fit
  • Forged terminal bushings resist corrosion and eliminate black posts
  • Reinforced internal components resist corrosion damage and premature aging