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Utility Switchgear

Reliable Power for Critical Utilities

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In order to avoid downtime when major power disturbances or outages occur, utility companies require reliable backup battery solutions as part of their overall switchgear system.

East Penn provides the highest-quality batteries for switchgear to maximize the efficiency, sustainability and performance of the electrical grid, while providing reliable service to customers.

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Deka Unigy I Batteries

Picture of Deka Unigy I Batteries

The Deka Unigy I battery features both top terminal and front access designs available in a range of capacities for mission critical backup power.

Key Features:

  • 12-volt monobloc battery
  • 10-year design life
  • Exclusive IPF® Technology
  • Epoxy-sealed posts
  • Flame-arresting, low-pressure, self-sealing valves are all 100% factory tested

2-Volt Deka Unigy II Spacesaver® System

Pictire of Deka Unigy II Batteries

Unigy II is a sealed lead battery that uses absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology and has a smaller footprint than flooded designs to save space while providing optimal power.

Our Deka Unigy II Interlock System uses interlocking modules to maximize convenience with front access bolting, delivering more power in less space while maintaining cooling requirements

Key Features:

  • 2-volt battery available as either a single cell or system design
  • Wide range of capacities
  • Advanced AGM technology for superior high-rate, short-term power
  • Exclusive IPF® Technology
  • Microcat® Catalyst
  • Epoxy-sealed posts eliminate leaks
  • Flame-arresting, low-pressure, self-sealing valves are all 100% factory tested

12-Volt Deka Fahrenheit® Spacesaver® System

Picture of 12-Volt Deka Fahrenheit® Spacesaver® System

The Deka Fahrenheit® is a heat-tolerant AGM monobloc battery design that survives up to three times longer in temperatures of 60˚C, standing up to the toughest conditions for the ultimate dependability in switchgear applications.

Key Features:

  • 12-volt monobloc front access design battery
  • Advanced AGM technology eliminates periodic watering, corrosive fumes and spills
  • Exclusive Thermal Management Technology System
  • HeliosAdditive
  • THT Plastic
  • Microcat® Catalyst
  • Exclusive IPF® Technology
  • TempX Alloy
  • Completely recyclable