water recycling

100% of wastewater from seven battery manufacturing plants, one lead smelter and oxide manufacturing mill are recycled at East Penn’s two highly advanced water treatment plants.

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Providing exceptional battery solutions
to the Canadian marketplace.

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An exclusive patented system of distillation, reverse osmosis, neutralization, co-precipitation, and salt crystallization produces water of exceptional purity, suitable for re-use in the production of new energy storage devices.


Monitoring Standards:

Control technologies are applied to minimize lead in storm water on site.

Lead concentrations in storm water have shown steady, significant declines over the past 5 years.

East Penn monitors air quality from testing stations on site and in the adjoining community to ensure air quality readings remain below government-regulated standards.

Our HEPA filtration units are 99.997% efficient at 0.3 microns.

Over 70% reduction in process wastewater per battery produced.

Water Usage Per Battery

(in US gallons)


Lead-in-air levels consistently
below stringent standards

Ambient Lead-In-Air Emissions vs. Total Lead

(micrograms per cubic metre)

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