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East Penn Canada is Excited to Introduce A New Duracell SLA Lineup: Your Power Solution for Today and Tomorrow

Transportation Power

East Penn Canada is Excited to Introduce A New Duracell SLA Lineup: Your Power Solution for Today and Tomorrow

East Penn CanadaTransportation Power

May 2, 2024

East Penn Canada is Excited to Introduce A New Duracell SLA Lineup: Your Power Solution for Today and Tomorrow

East Penn Canada - Transportation Power

At East Penn Canada, we are committed to delivering premium battery products and solutions to meet the diverse needs of Canadians and Canadian businesses coast to coast. We are excited to announce our latest product offering: Duracell Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries, renowned for their trusted performance and robust capabilities. These batteries are designed to offer a compact, maintenance-free operation and exceptional reliability. They've quickly become a go-to source for many applications, including providing backup power to critical life-saving equipment, ensuring the smooth operation of security systems, and powering mobility devices. Regarding power, Duracell SLA batteries consistently deliver, reinforcing the trust and reputation synonymous with the Duracell brand.Let's delve into their remarkable features and the benefits:

Compact Size:

The East Penn Canada exclusive SLA battery line is designed to be space-efficient and ideal for various applications where space is a concern. The compact design enables them to fit into tight spaces such as within security systems, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), or smaller medical devices.

Sealed, Maintenance-Free Design

These batteries are sealed and maintenance-free, so they don't require regular checks, and there is no need to add water. This feature ensures hassle-free operation, making them ideal for situations where continuous, hands-off power is crucial.


Spill-proof batteries ensure the containment of electrolytes even when the battery is tipped. This feature enables versatile installation positions, providing flexibility in application usage.

Extended Service Life:

Duracell SLA batteries feature advanced lead-calcium alloy technology, ensuring superior performance and an extended lifespan. These resilient batteries provide a long service life and eliminate the need for frequent replacements, making them a cost-effective power for diverse Canadian applications.

High Reliability:

They are known for their stable and consistent power output, making the SLA line a non-negotiable choice for critical systems like emergency lighting, security devices, and medical equipment.

Safe Technology (Valve-Regulated):

Safety is always a top priority. Thanks to the valve-regulated design of Duracell SLA batteries, minimal gassing is ensured; this makes these batteries a safe and ideal choice for various applications.

Extended Shelf Life:

The SLA line maintains its charge even when not in use. They can be stored for over 12 months at a temperature of 20°C, giving you peace of mind that they'll be ready when needed.

Environmentally Friendly:

Duracell SLA batteries are not just about power; they align with our sustainability goals at East Penn Canada. Our commitment to recycling upholds the product's value and contributes to a greener, more environmentally conscious approach to resource management.

Choosing our Duracell SLA batteries means actively contributing to sustainability. Every component of a Duracell SLA battery is recycled and reused in manufacturing new batteries, ensuring a steady supply of recycled materials. This practice supports our supply chain and keeps landfills clear of batteries.The Duracell name is renowned for its dependable power, and this reputation is upheld by our SLA batteries; you can trust in the power you're investing in, knowing it will deliver when it matters most.SLA batteries offer remarkable versatility, making them compatible with various devices and equipment, from portable electronics to backup power systems. Their adaptability allows them to support diverse applications, making them a trusted choice across various industries in Canada. Typical applications for SLA batteries include but are not limited to:

  • Emergency lighting
  • Alarm systems
  • UPS units
  • Electric scooters and bikes
  • Portable power packs
  • Electric wheelchairs and mobility devices
  • Solar power storage
  • Medical devices
  • Electric toys
  • Automotive and marine applications
  • Home and garden tools

With the introduction of East Penn Canada's new Duracell SLA battery lineup, we're committed to ensuring you have the power you need today and tomorrow. Whether you require reliable backup power, eco-friendly mobility solutions, or want to harness green energy, we have what you need to meet your unique needs.

East Penn Canada offers power solutions tailored to various applications and industries across Canada. The new Duracell SLA battery lineup is an exciting addition to our comprehensive portfolio. Duracell batteries' high quality and unwavering reliability align perfectly with our mission to provide Canadians and Canadian businesses with the safest and most dependable power options available in the market. These batteries seamlessly meet broad application requirements while upholding the trusted Duracell brand. In an era where power matters more than ever, these batteries exemplify power you can trust.Learn more about Duracell SLA batteries and find the right fit for your application in Canada by contacting us today.