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The Power of Partnership


The Power of Partnership

East Penn CanadaPartnership at East Penn Canada

June 23, 2022

Battery professionals and educators joining hands in partnership

Accelerate Your Business With East Penn Canada And The Power of Partnership

Go beyond the basics with East Penn Canada as we transform you and your team into battery experts for transportation applications.

Whether you are seeking to provide your team with battery basics, a greater understanding of battery technologies or battery testing skills, East Penn Canada can help. We have a team of industry specialists who can support your unique business needs, transform your business and keep you ahead of the competition. Read more about the Power of Partnership.

Many customers ask – How long should batteries last?

Did you know that batteries have three measures of life: run life, shelf life and cycle life. As the industry leader in the manufacturing of battery power for decades, we believe in the importance of ongoing training, education and support to help you keep up with an ever-evolving industry. Whether it's about the best batteries in the market, cutting-edge technologies, or understanding the specifics of battery testing, let us help you set your business apart and keep you ahead of the competition.

Considering Customer Needs and Inquiries

Addressing Customer Buying Preferences
Customers are typically seeking personalized options with product-specific attributes, including technology, brand and/or price, and because of this, they rely heavily on your retail team for advice.

Empowering your retail team to provide expertise, demonstrate knowledge, and build trust with a customer can help drive customer loyalty. Our East Penn Canada Battery Specialists will help train your entire team on the fundamentals of batteries so that your customers are confident in their choice for battery power.

Understanding the latest battery technology and which one is best for your customer
Customers may not always be familiar with (or aware of) cutting-edge technologies while purchasing batteries, so they may not have a strong understanding of the benefits that each battery technology can provide them.

At East Penn Canada, we provide comprehensive on-site or online training support that highlights the differences between battery technologies and battery group sizes. This will help you address any technology-related concerns that your customers may have regardless of their application needs.

Understanding what affects the life of a battery
Caring for your batteries begins with proper maintenance. One common issue with battery maintenance is when batteries are in a state of discharge for an extended period of time, which may cause premature deterioration. In addition, driving habits, stopping and starting a vehicle, and extreme weather conditions will all wreak havoc with battery life.

Providing customers with information on how to maximize battery life can help ensure their batteries last longer and saves them from experiencing issues in the future. Our specialists will train you and your team about battery care and maintenance. By providing you with a wide range of training materials on battery solutions, we ensure that you are customer-ready to deliver excellent service.

Four Key Training Topics That Improve Customer Satisfaction

You have the knowledge and experience to understand your customers’ needs, but if you want to continue building customer confidence and satisfaction, then read on! Our battery specialists have identified four areas that, if addressed correctly, could greatly improve your customer experience.

Understanding Battery Technologies

Our comprehensive technology training helps you understand the difference between the types of batteries (flooded, gel, AGM) and how they should be used. Being able to walk customers through their options and include the pros and cons of different battery types as they relate to their applications, while also considering their driving habits and battery storage ability will put you a cut above the competition.

The Importance of Battery Testing
If a vehicle is failing to start again and again, it may be due to a dead battery. Having a battery that you can rely on is crucial - Not only does it provide the power to start your vehicle, but it also plays other important roles in its operation. It’s extremely helpful to be aware of battery testing (especially during the summer months) when a simple battery inspection can help prevent your customers from being stranded in an empty parking lot.
Being able to explain the importance of battery testing as well as break down a vehicle’s battery test results will allow your customers to make the most informed decision about their battery’s health.

Causes of Premature Battery Failure
Premature battery failure can be caused by improper battery care and maintenance. Being aware of how to store and maintain the battery when it’s not in use is crucial.
Other common causes of battery failure include:

  • Aging
  • Weather and temperature
  • Driving habits
  • Installation
  • Service history
  • Storage
  • If the battery is being used for proper application in which it was designed

Our training specialists will guide you through the on-site or visual inspection of batteries, and instructions that will help eliminate the risk of premature battery failure.

Maximize Customer Loyalty

By giving your retail team the tools, insights and education on the products you’re selling and the battery industry in general, your customers are more likely to trust you as a good provider, become repeat customers, and refer you to their friends.
Through your partnership with East Penn Canada, you can access our team of local battery specialists to provide the education that’s going to empower your retail staff and give them the edge to succeed. Learn more about specific batteries for different transportation applications here.

A Partnership Designed To Help Power You and Your Customers

At East Penn Canada, we don’t just sell batteries, we provide you with innovative battery technologies and solutions to support your customers. As a component of our partnership agreement, you’ll have access to our comprehensive training and educational sales support. Facing concerns regarding battery technology, safety, best practices or just want to make sure you’re aware of the basics? We’ve got you covered.

Ready to Learn?

To find out more about what training program options and services are available, or to schedule a session that works for you and your team please contact your local East Penn Canada location and one of our Battery Specialists will be happy to help.